• Appreciating Quality as Well as Convenience

    As someone who has played musical instruments since the age of 8, I’ve always been able to appreciate the quality of a well recorded album. It didn’t matter if I was 16 listening to Led Zeppelin IV or today listening to Bruno Mars, vinyl has always had that nice warm sound. In today’s world we […]

  • Stop The Madness!!

    The one thing I learned as a home theater, A/V professional early on was control is key and it stands true today. Universal remotes and control systems have been on the market a very long time, it’s a shame that there are still folks out there using 6 remotes to control their robust A/V systems. […]

  • The Private Conversation Heard ‘Round the World!

    Recently, Don and I had a meeting at a hospital to specify a video presentation system for one of their educational centers. As we wrapped up and were leaving, Don asked “you want to hear something”? “Sure”, I replied. Thinking he was going to have me listen to a kick-butt audio system we had installed, […]

  • Audio Concepts + Commercial Technology

    Yes, the rumors true; I’m back with Audio Concepts. After a brief stint helping a commercial outfit put together their showroom, it was time again to look for the next challenge. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do or where, but I did reach out to AC to at least see what was […]

  • 2014 Boston Cup Classic Car Show

    Audio Concepts and B&W sponser the the VIP Tent at this years Boston Cup. A great day of cool people and 105 awesome cars.

  • Sound Bars for the Quality Concious

    Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth (on the Flintstones, at least) TVs were made using quaint technology called the CRT, for Cathode Ray Tube. These were never made in sizes above 40″ diagonal due to their size and weight, but they did have one thing going for them that our new flat panel TVs don’t…somewhere […]

  • What’s Not The Latest trend in HiFi

    Lewis Dalven, resident audiophile, shares his thoughts on product, trends, industry happenings, and why Steeley Dan is the greatest band ever. I began to get interested in HiFi in 1964 when my older brother assembled his first system. I tagged along with him to a shop in Ridgewood, NJ, a leafy suburb bordering our home […]