Audio Concepts + Commercial Technology

Yes, the rumors true; I’m back with Audio Concepts. After a brief stint helping a commercial outfit put together their showroom, it was time again to look for the next challenge. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do or where, but I did reach out to AC to at least see what was up. Boy, I’m glad I did. Don Houde and the team were gung-ho to have me back and I was thrilled with the opportunity they offered. No, I’m not being arrogant, I’ll explain why this was great for both of us in a bit.

During the interview, Chris Saad voiced two company needs. The first was that he would appreciate help with our blog. Now, I make no bones about it, I’m not a writer, or certainly not a good one. I’ve joked with friends that if I were, I’d be relaxing poolside at my Hollywood Hills home, counting my millions. Or, more likely, I’d be a starving LA screenwriter working as a clerical and trying to sell the first “big one”. Kind of like my sister Fay, who’s feverishly pursued film-making for the past two decades (shameless self-promotion; Fay has completed a terrific short documentary on Cuba, has major interest by financiers to make her feature project, and our little production company, 21/31 Productions, could actually become a contender soon). Anyway, I volunteered to try my hand at blogging. So, periodically, you’ll see my musings on trending technologies, posts on cool projects, and rants about our industry. Given my “passionate” nature, I’m sure I’ll say something that may infuriate some, including my employers. But I welcome the discourse that will follow.

The second and more important item was the need to expand AC’s commercial capabilities. I’ve known for years that commercial work is an Audio Concepts staple but what I didn’t know exactly was the extent; nearly 50% of our business! Houses of worship, board rooms, hospitals, schools, conference rooms, private offices, universities, government buildings, gymnasiums, military bases, auditoriums. Audio reinforcement, networks, videoconferencing, lighting control, video walls, wireless microphones, digital signage, PA systems, sound masking, video streaming, audio mixing, motorized shades, surveillance systems. Audio Concepts has performed just about every type of commercial install, hence the title of this blog entry, AUDIO CONCEPTS = COMMERCIAL TECHNOLOGY. Our experience is deep and our chops strong but for FOUR DECADES, Don Houde has been the primary driver of our sales and design efforts…actually he’s been the only driver of those efforts. Until now. Given my recent experiences, my history in technology and working with the A&D community, and my obsession in learning something new every day (I hate stagnation), Don and Chris tapped me to help take AC’s booming commercial business even further.

Hope that now clarifies why this is mutually beneficial for the both of us, and why I’m glad to be back.

So… who has a commercial project in need of technology that I can blog about?