Appreciating Quality as Well as Convenience

Benefits of Sonos and TurntablesAs someone who has played musical instruments since the age of 8, I’ve always been able to appreciate the quality of a well recorded album. It didn’t matter if I was 16 listening to Led Zeppelin IV or today listening to Bruno Mars, vinyl has always had that nice warm sound.

In today’s world we as a society have squeezed our record/CD collections into more compact formats such as mp3 and other compressed formats. While this has made music more convenient to access via small devices like ipods, mp3 players and hard drives, it also alters the properties of the music. It doesn’t take a serious critical listener to pick out the differences between mp3 and vinyl.

While I still keep my CD collection on hard drives and use devices like Sonos to stream the music in my home, I still have a turntable I use for listening to my vinyl collection. I also have a separate 2 channel system I use just for listening to the turntable. During the week after work I’m more prone to just switching my Sonos on for the convenience, but on my days off I switch over to the turntable and bust out my record collection.

Growing up records were becoming relics as cassette and then CD took over. While CD’s are still around they are now becoming extinct due to digital storage. The ability to purchase single songs on itunes, HD tracks or any other music service has made buying CD’s a thing of the past. Why spend $11.99 on a complete album on CD when you could just get the single song you like for $1.29 online?

There are exceptions. If I intend on listening to Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety you better believe it’s going to be on vinyl. If I’m in my back yard gardening I will most likely be using my Sonos listening to Pandora or a shuffled playlist.

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