Stop The Madness!!

The one thing I learned as a home theater, A/V professional early on was control is key and it stands true today. Universal remotes and control systems have been on the market a very long time, it’s a shame that there are still folks out there using 6 remotes to control their robust A/V systems. While the Verizon and Comcast remotes that come with your service may work ok for rooms with a cable box and TV, it’s not going to work well with your main theater or audio system. Just to watch cable on your system takes several steps. Your TV needs to come on and be switched to HDMI 1. Your home theater receiver needs to turn on and switch inputs. The cable box needs to be turned on. On top of all that you need 1 remote to change the volume and one to change the channel.

Now imagine that happening by pressing a single button, and not having to be in the same room as the equipment. Imagine using the same remote to change the channel and volume and not even having to leave the remote page. Stop imagining, because remotes and control systems have been able to do this for a very long time now.

So why is it that we are still seeing t he scene above in people’s homes? I tend to hear the same excuses every time you bring up a control device to the folks with 6 to 8 remotes. The number one excuse is cost. My main purpose for writing this article (and it is implied in the title) is that it is already costing you. It’s costing you, your sanity and even more importantly your significant other’s sanity. So stop by today and see what options we have to get your system easier to operate.

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