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As the leading home audio/video provider in Boston, MA, Audio Concepts offers the finest home theater components, installation services, and custom home theater design in the region. We pride ourselves on creating easy-to-use, exceptionally designed home theater experiences that will provide years of entertainment for you and your family.

Our skilled team will help you choose system options that are right for your space and your preferences. Then, our technicians will expertly install your system and ensure you understand every aspect of its operation. Experience your favorite films, television shows, sports events, and gaming like never before  when you come to Audio Concepts today.

Our home audio/video solutions

When you want to experience exceptional audio fidelity and crystal clear video without sacrificing on intuitive controls, there’s no better home theater provider than Audio Concepts. We maintain a huge inventory of the latest surround sound components, 4k televisions and projectors, and state-of-the-art control systems that allow you to immerse yourself in your media.

Whether you’re running a Blu-ray player, custom music server, satellite or internet radio configuration, or streaming your favorite movies, we offer effective layout and control systems that will keep your home theater looking amazing and working perfectly. No matter the size of your space or your budget, we offer effective and affordable home audio and video solutions that are a breeze to operate. Contact us to learn more about products you’ll love.

Are you ready for 4k?

Sure, you’ve got a decent TV and a stereo, but is your current viewing and listening experience meeting your expectations? With the arrival of 4k ultra-high-definition screens and projectors, you can now enjoy more realistic frame rates, colors, and overall visuals than ever before. Enjoy the big game like you’re sitting at the 30-yard line or your favorite blockbuster as if you were in the middle of the action. With our high-resolution and high-fidelity theater components, it’s all possible!

Audio Concepts offers the latest audio and video technology options for very reasonable prices. Whether it’s 3D, 4K, DTS, OLED, MP3, or LED, we can provide you with expert guidance to assist you in selecting the appropriate systems for your needs.

Custom home theater design

What do you want in your ideal home theater? A huge screen and impressive surround sound system? A relaxed environment with user-friendly controls? A true theater experience with the highest quality of audio and ultra-high-definition video?

At Audio Concepts, we understand that every client has unique needs and preferences when it comes to their home theater setup. That’s why we offer a huge assortment of quality speakers, stereos, projectors, high-definition screens, theater lighting, and fully customizable control systems that will give your home theater the look, sound, and feel you want.

We’ve served countless homeowners throughout Boston, MA, for years, and our expert home theater designers will take every element you’d like into consideration when designing a home theater experience to meet your requirements. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ home aesthetics, and we offer exceptional performance with minimal design impact for competitive rates. Upgrade your home theater experience when you call or stop by our store today.

Give your home the latest entertainment experience!